Parramatta Wandarrah Joey Resources

Thanks to Carlingford and Ermington Mobs for sharing their programs and resources. If you have a program that you would like us to add send an email to
Adventure Challenge
Program - Hero 6 Program - Race Around the Community
Buddy Challenge
Caring and Sharing Challenge
Program - Pets        
Environment Challenge
Eco Warrior Activities
Environment Games - Konara 2017 Sense Stories - Nature Environment Theme Games
Environment Ideas - Wandarrah 2015
Program - Clean Up Australia Program - Clean Up Carlingford
Program - Kangaroos
Program - Koalas Program - Plants 1 Program - Plants 2
Program - Recycling 1 Program - Recycling 2
Program - Threatened Species (TS) TS Resource - Threatened Species Notes TS Resource - Aust Endangered Animals
TS Resource - End Animals Charade TS Resource - Origami Frog
Program - Water Cycle
Promise Challenge
Promise Challenge Requirements        
Other Badges
Cub Scout Link Badge Requirements
Craft Ideas
Fire Away Pirate Cannon Fuzzy Puppet Aliens

Hand Shadow Puppets
Mother's Day Tile
Kites 1 Kites 2 Owl Kite Template
Kite - Simple Paint Stick Clown Puppets Yarn Butterfly
Fish Cup Game
GWSR Games for Joey Scouts - Jan 2009
Indigenous Traditional Games
 Joey Scout Dollars Parachute Games       
Under the Sea Games  What Object is That?
Mob Holiday
Mob Holiday Checklist Site Inspection Checklist
Joey Mob Holiday Catering
Scout Graces Sample Mob Holiday - Park Rangers

Programs - Based on Books
 Program - The Lorax
 Program - Possum Magic 1  Program - Wombat Stew
 Program - Possum Magic 2 (PM)  PM Resource - Possum Magic Relay Game  
Programs - Other A-E
Anzac Heroes 1 Anzac Heroes 2
25th Birthday Party Baden Powell's Birthday BP - Founders's Day
BP Night (BP) BP Resource - Scouting History Story
Balloon Program Ideas Fun With Balloons (FWB) FWB Resource - Balloon Rockets
Birds 1 Birds 2 Blood & Guts
Bubbles Bushrangers (B) B Resource - Ned Kelly Helmet
Camping Chinese New Year
Christmas Craft 1
Christmas Craft 2 Cooking Cowboys and Indians
Dad's Night Father's Day Gifts Dinosaurs
Easter Bilbies Engineering
Programs - Other F-J
Farms Finding Our Way (FOW)
FOW Resource - Puzzle
FOW Resource - Find the Trail Game FOW Resource - Trail Cards Fire Safety
Fish & Frogs Gang Show Visit - Drama The Great Jelly Belly
Hands Across the Water Harmony Day
Harmony Night (HN)
HN Resource - Colouring Sheet HN Resource - Chinese New Year Lights HN Resource - Chinese Symbols
Heroes Indigenous Australians
Join in Jamboree - Japan

Programs - Other K-O
Kings and Queens Light
My Place My Family
Medieval (M) M Resource - Medieval Hunt M Resource - Jousting Tournament
M Resource - Craft Stick Catapult Mother's Pampering Night The Greatest Mother's Day of All
Bring Your Mum Night (BYMN) BYMN Resource - Coupon Books New Zealand
Night Walk and Games
Programs - Other P-T
Paralympics Pirates 1
Potato People Reptiles Rope Night Ideas
Scientists_Mixtures Mad Scientist Night (MSN) MSN Resource - Senses Base
MSN Resource - Engineering Challenge MSN - Thaumatrope MSN Resource - Pokemon Thaumatrope
Scouting Scouting Stuff
Scouts in Action - International Seniors Week
Space (SN)
SN Resource - Stomp Rocket Launcher
SN Resource - Paper Rocket Template
Spy Night Ideas Spies Like Us (SLU) SLU Resource - Bomb Defusal
SLU Resource - Human Target SLU Resource - Secret Agent ID Badges
St. Patrick's Day Teeth Transport Night (TN)
TN Resource - Transport Mode Pictures
TN Resource - Balloon Car

Programs - Other U-Z
Under the Sea (US)
US Resource - Sea Creatures Head Valentine's Day
Water - Beach Wet Night

World Jamboree and Japan (WJJ) WJJ Resource - Game - World Scouting WJJ Resource - Spinning Top
WJJ Resource - Japan Pictures WJJ Resource - Origami Talking Dog WJJ Story - The Boy Who Drew Cats
Promise and Law Resources (New)
New Promise and Law Implementation I Appreciate the World Around Me Right & Wrong Discussion Pictures
Belief Cards A Random Act of Kindness    
Poster - Promise & Law Poster - Promise Poster - Law

Scouts Own
Scouts Own - Konara 2017
Scouts Own_Beach Theme    
Beecroft Trail Hunt
Bush Walk Ray Park
Konara 17 Walk
Night Walk

Bidjigal Reserve
Hunts Creek Reserve Lake Parramatta
Pioneer Track Terry's Creek Walk Parramatta
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