1st Ermington Scouts - 2017 Fertiliser Drive - Sunday 27th August

Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive

         PRICES - 2017 Annual MULCH and FERTILISER DRIVE 

1 SUGAR CANE MULCH bale $20 saves water/reduces weeds
2 LUCERNE MULCH bale $26 saves water/reduces weeds
3 TEA TREE MULCH 60 litres $17 holds moisture/reduces weeds
4 COW MANURE 30 litres $8 dry composted, weed free
5 PREMIUM POTTING MIX 30 litres $16 with fert/wetting agent
6 NO. 17 LAWN FOOD 20kg $38 healthy green lawns
7 BLOOD & BONE 20kg  $40 organic/plants, vegetables
8 AGRIBOOST GRANULES 22.5kg $22 organic all purpose fertiliser
9 AGRIBOOST PELLETS 25kg $23 composted chicken manure
10 SEAMUNGUS 20kg $30 plant revitaliser/lawn improver
11 RED CHIP MULCH 60 litres $15 saves water/reduces weeds

Orders are now CLOSED for the 2017 Fertiliser Drive.

Once you have received an email confirmation that your order has been received, you can make your payment by EFT bank transfer using the following information:
Account Name: 1st Ermington Scouts
BSB: 032 280
Account Number: 180 160
Reference Number: As indicated in your email confirmation
Your reference number is a combination of your Order Number and Surname (e.g. FD17059-Smith)