1st Ermington Scouts - Fundraising

Our regular fundraiser is the Bunnings BBQ at Lidcombe/Rydalmere. This fundraising activity is vital to the success of our Group. It provides funds for major building works for our hall, maintenance costs, activities equipment, and major event funding. Families are able to access the major event fund (as long as they meet the minimum service requirements set down by the Group - see Major Event Fund Policy ) to help defray the costs of Joey Mob Holiday/Cuboree/Jamboree/Venture. All non-Leader families will be rostered on for a shift on the BBQ. 
Bunnings BBQ - Opening & Closing Bunnings BBQ Information Sheet 2018 Bunnings BBQ Response Form 2018 Major Event Fund Policy
Our other main fundraiser is the Annual Fertiliser Drive - held on the 4th Sunday in August each year. In 2018 our Fertiliser Drive will be  held on Sunday 26th August

AJ2019 Fundraising Trivia Night - Saturday 23rd June

Trivia Night Flyer
AJ2019 The Australian Jamboree 2019 is being held in January 2019 at Murraylands in South Australia. A Jamboree takes place every three years, so it is the biggest event that a member will attend during their time as a Scout. Youth from all over Australia gather together in a mass campsite for approximately 10 days, where they participate in fun, physical, engaging and testing activities.

Naturally this requires a lot of organisation, equipment and supplies, so unfortunately it is also an expensive event. The NSW Contingent fees per member for AJ2019 are $1855 plus any other extra charges or activities. These costs are paid by the parents of the attending youth and so these parents undertake fundraising to try and offset some of these costs.

Consequently we are holding a Fundraising Trivia Night on Saturday 23 June 2018. It will be an evening of trivia, fun and games. We will primarily be fundraising from registration/booking fees, however we may also be conducting other interesting and entertaining activities during the evening such as an auction for a hint sheet, and other optional  pay-to-play activities. To get the most out from the night, we recommend participants bring some coinage or small notes with them. There will be some prizes awarded on the night, which have been donated to us from various sources.

The cost will be $10 per person with a table of six (6) people suggested (please book as a single group). Children aged five (5) years or under are free. Individuals/couples or smaller groups who register may be combined with others or another table on the night.

Dundas Sports The Dundas Sports & Recreation Club has kindly offered to donate the use of their facilities as hosts for this event. To thank the Club for their generosity, we hope that you also consider purchasing food or beverages during the night. We suggest giving your chef at home a break and making it a family night out!

Bookings will be taken up until 11 June 2018 inclusive or until sold out. Full payment by EFT on of before 11 June 2018 will also secure your reservation (provided that you arrive by 7:25PM on the night). If you are wanting to book or pay after 11 June 2018, then please email us first and wait for instructions (see below for contact details).

For Club Members or patrons that want to join us on the night, we will be taking last minute registrations and cash payments, subject to there being spare tables available. However we suggest that you book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Failure for a reserved table to arrive by 7:25PM on the night may result in the table being forfeited. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds for any bookings that do not arrive on time (or at all).
Rules will be explained on the night, although the use of electronic devices to "Google", "phone a friend", look up answers, etc will be against the rules. However at your own risk and responsibility, participants are welcome to bring a reasonable and limited number of printed/written materials (such as calendars, dictionaries, almanacs, textbooks, maps, handwritten notes, etc).
Contacting Us
You can contact us by phone on 0410 410 553 or by email to fundraising@ermingtonscouts.asn.au. We will ordinarily respond to emails within 2 days - if you do not get a reply, please try calling us.
To book, please make your EFT payment of the correct value with the below details and then send an email to fundraising@ermingtonscouts.asn.au indicating your EFT Reference and the number of people you are booking for.

After you make your EFT payment, please make sure that you send us an email stating your EFT Reference Number and the number of people you are booking for. This way, we can make sure that we don't miss your reservation or payment. We will normally acknowledge or confirm receipt of your booking within 2 days - if you do not receive a reply then please call us.
Account Name: 1st Ermington Scouts
BSB: 032 280
Account Number: 180 160
Reference Number: AJ2019 <Your Surname>
Your EFT Reference number should be "AJ2019" followed by your own surname (eg. "AJ2019 Smith", "AJ2019 Wong", etc).

AJ 2019 Fundraising Donations

Would you like to help us but can't get to our AJ2019 Fundraising Trivia Night? We are only too happy to receive small anonymous online EFT donations. A donation makes for very little effort on our part, so it is very much appreciated and we thank you kindly for it.

Being anonymous, we won't be able to thank you personally, but we hope that you will benefit by getting that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that today you helped us out and made a difference.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. The EFT receipt issued by your financial institution will suffice as evidence and you should keep a copy of it for your taxataion records.
To make your anonymous donation, please use the following EFT payment details:
Account Name: 1st Ermington Scouts
BSB: 032 280
Account Number: 180 160
Reference Number: AJ2019 Donation
Please only use these payment details for anonymous donations towards our AJ2019 fundraising effort.
Donation of Prizes
Are you operating a business and have something to offer that we might be able to use as a prize? Please feel free to contact us as we are interested in hearing from you. In addition to the Trivia Night, we also anticipate holding a raffle later in 2018.

1st Ermington Scouts - 2018 Fertiliser Drive - Sunday 26th August

Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive Fertiliser Drive

         PRICES - 2017 Annual MULCH and FERTILISER DRIVE 

1 SUGAR CANE MULCH bale $20 saves water/reduces weeds
2 LUCERNE MULCH bale $26 saves water/reduces weeds
3 TEA TREE MULCH 60 litres $17 holds moisture/reduces weeds
4 COW MANURE 30 litres $8 dry composted, weed free
5 PREMIUM POTTING MIX 30 litres $16 with fert/wetting agent
6 NO. 17 LAWN FOOD 20kg $38 healthy green lawns
7 BLOOD & BONE 20kg  $40 organic/plants, vegetables
8 AGRIBOOST GRANULES 22.5kg $22 organic all purpose fertiliser
9 AGRIBOOST PELLETS 25kg $23 composted chicken manure
10 SEAMUNGUS 20kg $30 plant revitaliser/lawn improver
11 RED CHIP MULCH 60 litres $15 saves water/reduces weeds

Orders are now CLOSED for the 2017 Fertiliser Drive.

Once you have received an email confirmation that your order has been received, you can make your payment by EFT bank transfer using the following information:
Account Name: 1st Ermington Scouts
BSB: 032 280
Account Number: 180 160
Reference Number: As indicated in your email confirmation
Your reference number is a combination of your Order Number and Surname (e.g. FD17059-Smith)